Morning Debacle

I am currently living in a one bedroom apartment with two other women. We are making it work.

Then, this morning, the furniture store threw a wrench into our living situation.

My roommate had purchased a mattress and bed frame. The mattress was delivered weeks ago and then the bed frame was delivered and built this morning.

After they had finished assembling the bed frame, the furniture men asked when our box spring was.

Um…excuse me.

Flashback…when my roommate purchased the frame she specifically asked to look at the frames that didn’t need a box spring. This was supposedly one of two that would work with just a mattress. So she bought it.

Current day…now we have a bed frame set up and a mattress leaned up against the wall blocking entry into the bathroom. An overall fun and exciting situation.

And the soonest the furniture store delivers is two days after purchase. Which means we have one couch for three of us to sleep on the next two nights. Apparently we are going to be even closer than originally thought.

Nothing like some forced bonding to bring roommates together.

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