Excitement in the Workplace

Somedays at work are boring. Nothing really happens, you sit at your desk, and you get work done.

Other days are not. For example, last week the lawn mowers shattered one of the floor to ceiling windows in the conference room.

Today was another not-so-boring day. Someone, who obviously had their thinking cap on, tried to heat up a burrito wrapped in tin foil in the microwave.

Note to self: do not place metal in the microwave. Bad idea.

I didn’t see it, but apparently flames were actually shooting out of the machine. Impressive use of brain cells if you ask me.

Following “the incident,” I overhead two coworkers talking. The conversation went something like this.

“I’m surprised the fire alarm hasn’t gone off,” said Coworker One.

“I don’t think we have one,” replied Coworker Two.

If that isn’t safety first, I don’t know what is?!

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