Onto the positive

Since I did that whole, these are ten things that I'm not good at, thing. I thought I would do the flip side.

So here goes nothing...

Top Ten Reasons You Might Think I'm Okay:

1. I'm really good at Minesweeper-this is no joke. I win at least once a day.

2. I eat well-and a lot. I think this is a skill. If we get stranded somewhere and don't have sustenance, I'm living longer than the skinny kid. I'm just saying.

3. I always have my eyes out for a bargain-this is a gift/skill passed on from my father. Cheap gas, sales racks, bargain stores, etc. I do it all.

4. I'm a good listener-I am also good a keeping secrets. The two can go hand in hand.

5. I'm athletic-in my life, this is a good thing. I like sports, I pick them up pretty quickly - though I'm no superstar - and I stay somewhat healthy.

6. I like to cook-and usually it turns out pretty well. I also clean up after myself. This is generally a good combination.

7. I like to serve-meaning help out the people around me. Give you a ride, help you with a project, and in a variety of other ways.

8. I'm pretty positive-occasionally I get into funks, but usually I can find the silver lining. Life is good, in one way or another.

9. I like to laugh-a sense of humor is pretty essential to surviving life. At least that's what I've found to be true. And it makes life a lot more enjoyable...to laugh and find humor in things, especially myself and my mistakes.

10. I'm low maintenance-not that I am digging on those that are higher maintenance than me, but I count this as one of my positives. I mean, how can low maintenance be a bad thing?!

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