One of the funniest purchases my roommate made when we moved into our apartment was the shower curtain.

The funny thing about shopping for household items is that often you are forced to rely on the picture that appears on the packaging and what you remember the apartment looking like.

In this case, that didn't work out so well.

On the package, the curtain looked cute. It was a blue sheet with a strip of plastic that allowed you to see out and let light in.

Hanging on the shower rod, however, the result was much different. As soon as we hung it up, we knew there would be a problem.

I climbed in to demonstrate the issue. The strip of plastic made from just below my nose to just below my boobs visible. As soon as I stood behind it, all of us were rolling with laughter.

There was no way this would help alleviate traffic in the bathroom in the mornings.

But it did make for a good laugh.

Surprisingly enough, we bought a second curtain.

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