The Guest Room

My family has never actually lived in a house with more bedrooms than we needed. But over the years we have definitely opened our house on more than one occassion to guests, whether it be for a couple days or months.

I was reminded last night of some of those more intereting visits.

When I was a freshman in high school, some old (meaning from the past) friends of my parents asked to stay with us while they looked for a job/living arraingement. What was supposed to be a couple weeks turned into a few months. Nine of us living in a four bedroom house was a little much. The only bonus, we qualified for free and reduced lunch.

I also can't count the number of times we've had someone sleeping on our couch, living room floor, or some other extra space. My uncle, good family friends, any number of people that have come to reside with us.

Now my parents have another child. She is living with them for the foreseeable future. Just when my parents thought they had finally gotten us all out of the house, the picked up another kid. It may not be a situation they would have chosen, but regardless they are making it work anyways.

Because that's the kind of people they are.

And knowing them, this probably won't be the last time they let someone stay with them.

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