This is why I’m hot

#1 - Ashton Kutcher. I try not to be a name dropper, but this one was too cool. I was sitting two seats away from him. Not that I talked to him or anything. I did, however, manage to take a not-so-discreet picture of him.

#2 - Wrestling, as a sport, has really grown on me. I like watching matches; I get excited about it. These Olympic Trials, if you haven’t been following, have been pretty crazy. There’s a high schooler going, the first since 1976, and a number of other favorites have been knocked off. I will definitely be tuning in to NBC in August.

#3 – I cruised the Vegas strip in a convertible last night. It was a fun to see the sights and sounds, and people watch. The view doesn’t get much better.

#4 – During the past two days I’ve worked 24 hours. The end.

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  1. Really a picture of Ashton Kutcher?