the things she carried with her

While the title may be somewhat of a knock off, it was certainly applicable today.

I was traveling and ended up with quite the variety of items with me as I boarded the plane.

See, I have this purse which is similar to the bag Mary Poppins had. It seems to have unending space and often I am not sure what is in it.

In fact, as I went through airport security my purse was searched. The offending item: pliers, which had traveled from my apartment at school across the Evergreen State to my parent's house and into the airport.

Luckily the pliers were small enough I was allowed to retain possession of them.

This made me curious though. What else was in that bag???

Here's what I found:
-iPod and earphones
-book: "The Boleyn Inheritance"
-migraine medicine
-DVD from internship
-Leona Lewis CD
-some earrings
-random receipts and papers
-eye drops
-head phones

Overall, some unexpected and forgotten items. The good news, I was ready for a lot.

Always be prepared.

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