Where did the time go?

I had a realization late last week that I was almost done house sitting and hadn't figured out where I was staying/living next or gotten my stuff in order.

*Cue freakout*

Luckily a family member had kindly offered a spare room for my use a few days before, so then it was more a matter of asking, "Hey, can I move in next week?"

Now it's Wednesday night, though, and my stuff is no closer to being packed than it was yesterday or the day before.

I'm sure it will be fine. I have a couple tubs, some suitcases, and nothing but time and energy.

Except for that energy part. I worked a full day, had a phone interview, happy hour, and informational interview. I also ate a donut and pizza (twice). And had some beer. Also, I haven't slept well this week.

As you might imagine, I feel like I could pass out in bed right now.

Instead, with so much to do, I've given myself a little down time to read some blogs and write one (because that's relaxing), and then it's time for packing. I have to set out clothes for the next few days, pack for a weekend out of town, and figure out what to do with everything else.

Hopefully in an organized fashion so I know where to find things later.

All this means that complete sentences are not exactly a priority. (See above for an example).

It's okay if you're not following my train of thought at this point, I'm not really either.

I'll get things done, one way or another, though the organized part may fall by the wayside.

So when you're feeling tired but have lots to do, how do recharge to be more productive?


  1. As much as I gritted my teeth every time my mum said this to me growing up, I use this tip all the time as an adult: Do 20 (or more if you feel like it) jumping jacks or go for a quick run around the block. It takes very little time, but gets your heart pumping and perks you right up :-)

    Excited for happy hour next week!

  2. I can't seem to recharge myself in any way lately, so if you get a tip, please do share! Much needed! :D

  3. Reading and commenting on blogs is like my secret quiet time alone each morning... I really look forward to it!

    Even though I absolutely HATE it, I do find that when I'm in these types of moods going to the gym or fitting in some sort of a workout does make me feel better (at least after it's over!)

  4. I make a large list of what needs to be done. I make a large list of things I'd like to indulge in (soda, shot of tequila, donut, chocolate cake), then for each task I do, I get to enjoy something "fun." I make a game of it. And music, lots of music!

  5. Happy Valetine's Day Hope you find the home of your dreams.
    Rick ~ Your latest follower.

  6. i hope you get everything done! i say this as a big list stares me in the face! my nerve damage has kept me away from visiting blogs, but i'm back and am getting all caught up on yours! :)

  7. Ugh, I hate packing up! Glad you've found somewhere to stay - there was a short period of my life where all I did was house sit ... one home would come back from vacation and I'd move into someone else's house. It was a bit ridiculous actually.

    Good luck! And get some sleep!

  8. Good luck getting it all done! Usually a quick shower and/or just washing my face with some cool water and lots of upbeat music get me recharged!

  9. Are you sure Procrastinator isn't your middle name? :P Hope you got everything moved in! :-)