Summer's here (for a weekend)

This past weekend I went off the map a bit (unless you follow me on Instagram or Facebook). I don't think I even really tweeted.

And it was just what I needed.

Friday, I left work to head down to Portland. My oldest friend lives down there and we had scheduled a much needed catch up/hang out session.
The weekend was pretty much guaranteed to be awesome because:
- We always have a good time together
- The weather was set to be amazing (a.k.a. sunny and in the 80s).
- She and her fiancé lives on a houseboat on the river
- Tax-free shopping

When I arrived Friday night, we enjoyed wine on the porch/dock and a fire in their chimnea while catching up on life.

Saturday morning was full of shopping, including a swimsuit because mine were packed off to my parents' house months ago. Once we picked up the necessary and unnecessary provisions for the weekend, we changed into our suits, poured some beverages, and lounged.
That afternoon, the houseboat began to fill up with friends and family. It's hard to resist the floating lifestyle when it's 86. There were delicious barbecued hamburgers, lots of snacks, some libations, and general good times.

By about 9 p.m., when the sun had finally set, we were exhausted, but in the best way possible.
Sunday, we moved onto wedding stuff. She's getting married in August and so we set off to (mostly) finish invitations. And I was quickly reminded that I am not crafty, but we were able to finish them off without too much trouble, mostly thanks to the yummy breakfast her mom made us.

We made it back to the houseboat in time for me to pack up and head back to Seattle. I had a date with some other good friends (and their adorable babies) who I hadn't seen in months.

By the time my weekend ended, I was ready for a weekend. If you know what I mean.

While the Monday was a workday, it still managed to be pretty vacation like. After work, I picked Stevie up from the bus downtown, and we headed out to West Seattle to get an early start on happy hour with the girls.
Seattle set a record high for temperature. We enjoyed five hours on a patio in the shade with breeze off the water and a view -- with some of the coolest ladies in town on Twitter. Seven of us crowded around a corner table meeting in person for the first time or catching up.

Overall, it was a pretty wonderful weekend that felt like the start of summer (even if it is a total Seattle weather fake out.)

Did you do anything fun this weekend?


  1. Sounds heavenly. I had an amazing girls trip that I need to write about!

  2. Yay, a fantastic weekend! I'm jealous you got to go down to Portland. I didn't get to enjoy the sun as much as I would have liked, but I'm still loving that nice weather seems to have finally arrived!

  3. What a fun weekend! Hopefully summer stays around for you guys in Seattle. It's been BEAUTIFUL here and I foresee LOTS of pool days ahead of me. :) Yay, summer!

  4. Your sister is not the only one living vicariously your busy life :)

  5. that sounds amazing! your kitties too cute.

  6. that pic of you is way cute! glad you are having le fun!

  7. Sounds like you've had some fun times of late!! You're on Instagram?? Find me (keithawynn)! Also, there are Twitter and FB links on my blog if you'd like to be friends on those. I love that picture of the cat lol.

  8. This sounds like a dream of a weekend. One that's "Full of Life" one might say.

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  9. Portland looks beautiful! Love the sunset shot esp.. :)
    Do visit me too sometime dear! :)
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  10. Wow, your weekend looks like it was wonderful. I've always wanted to stay on a houseboat - how romantic

  11. so glad you had a wonderful weekend on this trip. i'm looking forward to the beach this week! i've not visited portland in YEARS...decades!