Hot Cakes - worth waiting in line for

I've mentioned Hot Cakes a time or two on the blog before. It's my favorite indulgent treat. 

As long as you have a sweet tooth and love chocolate you'll pretty much be in heavy.

(Though there are actually nonchocolate and savory options. I just don't know much about them.)
Hot Cakes actually started as a food truck. Now there's a storefront in Ballard. It's often crowded, especially on weekends, and may require a wait in line.

That gives you extra time to decide what you want to eat.

The shop is pretty adorable too. But I'm pretty focused when I visit, so I don't have too many shots of the decor.

And if you really love this place, you can actually take some home to bake yourself.

In addition to the molten cakes, which I love, I've also fallen in love with their boozy milkshakes. My two favorites: the chocolate peanut butter cake and the drunken sailor milkshake.

One of these visits I'm going to try the grilled chocolate sandwich too -- it even comes with caramel for dipping.

Where's you favorite spot to get sweet treats?


  1. Okay not fair. Boozy milkshakes = one of my favourite things ever

  2. Just want to say: OMG! That's all.

  3. i thought it would be pancakes, ha! But this is even better.

  4. It wouldn't hurt to nod your mother's need for something NON-chocolate now and then. Like once a year maybe?
    But I concede that they do look pretty dang tasty.

  5. omg :3 food looks yummy. nom nom nom!

  6. oooh what a very yummy, sweet post!!!!