All the Fun One Weekend Could Hold

I  mentioned yesterday that I spent a few days out of town. This past weekend was jammed packed and wore me out, but in a good way.

I started Friday with a happy hour get together for my program. On the first Friday of each month, current students, alumni and potential students have a chance to network, catch up and share war stories. I ended up hanging out for over four hours because there were so many good conversations.

The next morning I headed to brunch with some wonderful ladies who were kind enough to meet early enough so I could join. Stevie, Cari and I have met up before but it's been way too long, and Berrak just moved here from DC, so it was definitely time to meet up.

We were waiting outside the Coterie Room before the doors opened and had the restaurant mostly to ourselves the whole time. Tasty beverages, delicious food, and full conversation had all of us promising to get together again soon. Now we just need to make it happen.

I left brunch to meet up with my parents before my mom and I headed south to Portland. We went down to celebrate the engagement of my oldest friend. Chels and I have known each other since I was a mere three weeks old.

After a quick stop by Powell's to browse drool over alllll the books, we made it in time for the party....all seven hours of it. I kid you not.

Chels' mom throws the best parties around. Over a hundred people were packed into the house. There was champagne, football, dancing, and a whole lot of fun. And we stayed until the bitter end, since we spent the night at their house.

Sunday morning was lazy (and depressing) as we sat around watching the Seahawks game. I still can't talk about it specifically, but I will say I'm incredibly proud of my team and wouldn't trade Russell Wilson for anything.

Chels stopped by her parents' house before my mom and I headed back home, and asked me to stand up at her wedding! I was surprised and honored, and can't wait to party more. :)

My mom and I made it back to her house in time to collapse into bed Sunday night, and I spent Monday cuddling on the couch with the dogs and recovering from the driving and lack of sleep.

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  1. That sounds like an absolutely perfect weekend! Minus the Hawks loss of course, which I am still depressed about. Still love Russell though!