Condo progress: things slowly shaping up

I'm home from a second weekend in a row of wedding celebration. I'm ready to hang up my bridesmaid dress for a while. And get a full night's sleep.

While I'm recovering, I thought I'd stop by with a few close ups of the new place. It's no where near done, but I'm making a little progress every day.

The new place is coming together very slowly. I was in a wedding this past weekend and head to another one in just a couple days, so my weekends haven't really given me a chance to accomplish a lot.

But hey, I changed my address officially. Baby steps people.

Some of what has happened:
- Kitchen is mostly organized
- Purchased a couch
- Painted my dining area
- Have clothes put away
- Bought some much needed items (and some less needed items)

What I still have left to do:
- Tackle the random boxes of crap (you know the ones I mean)
- Really organize the kitchen and figure out where I want things
- Hang something, anything on a wall
- Get my mirror attached to my dress
- Buy a few necessary screws and nails
- Finish miscellaneous paperwork stuff
- Many, many other things I can't thing of right now.

That list was supposed to make me feel more accomplished, but I mostly feel a little exhausted looking at it.

Oh well, there's always tomorrow.


  1. Well, you have your shoes nicely in order. But I knew you'd have priorities ;)

  2. Love your bright blue table! I have my shoes all organized too :)

    Currently Coveting

  3. Really liking the kitchen table - can't wait to see it all together!

  4. I love the vintage chairs around your table.

  5. Your shoes! I covet those red ones that look like butterfly strappies! I love your home, too!