Life lately: Back from the blogging abyss

I've started an abandoned quite a few blog posts recently. Not because I don't have things to write about -- I definitely do -- but because I don't even know where to start.

So I've turned into a blogging ninja. I'm still reading all of your posts, I'm still logging into to try and write regularly, but there's no sign of me anywhere.

I thought instead of getting overwhelmed by all the posts I'd like to do, I'd do a quick recap of things that have been going on recently.

Sound good?

Great. Glad you agree.

Labor Day weekend in Tennessee was a blast. I slept in, ate delicious food, partied it up, saw a UT football game, and danced the night away at my friend's wedding reception. It really was a great weekend, but left me needing a vacation to recover.

The Seahawks season started (and football in general is back)! I'm lucky enough to be working on the sidelines taking pictures for a handful of games this year and got to be there for the win over the 49ers. Rumor has it the crowd was really loud, but I kept ear plugs in the whole night.

(Confession: I also ate a hot dog. Anyone who knows me well will realize how huge this is. I don't eat hot dogs.)

I bought a plane ticket to see my sister for Thanksgiving. My sis moved to the Bay Area in August for a new adventure and the whole family is spending Thanksgiving with her. I haven't been to SF in over a decade and I can't wait to see my sister again. It's going to be a blast.

I took small steps towards making my condo feel a little more like home. I've hung all of two things on the walls. My mom made me some pillows. I actually went grocery shopping. Oh, and I made my first mortgage payment. My parents brought some more stuff down this week, so at the moment the condo is  looking a little chaotic.  But it really feels like mine now.

I bought a new phone. I was actually eligible for an upgrade in June but held out for Apple's newest versions. I was able to snag a phone from Best Buy today. I went with Galaxy Gray or whatever it's called (a.k.a. the dark gray one). I was leaning towards that color and then that's all the store had. Now I just need to sell my old phone on eBay to make up some of the cost.


  1. You ATE a HOT DOG????
    You-know-where must be feeling mighty chilly about now!

  2. So, how was the perro caliente?
    And your sofa looks so comfy!! Can I come and crash on it sometime?

  3. The pillows are such great pops of colour!

  4. welcome back blogging ninja! <3 the pillows your mom made are cute :)

  5. LOVE those pillows, especially the blue and white one!

  6. Oooo new iphone - let us know how you like it!

  7. i was just thinking about you, so i'm glad you're back!

  8. I can't believe you get to be ON THE SIDELINES for the Seahawks games. But keep those earplugs handy. That stadium is cray!

    I am so, so, so excited to get my new iPhone. I'm hoping it won't be too long before it ships - could be up to 3 weeks, bleh!

  9. i've been to a seahawks game when i was in love with seattle! the garlic fries...omg.