Seahawks Season Finale

This past weekend I was lucky enough to get to attend the final regular season game for the Seahawks.

A friend had an extra ticket and I was free (a.k.a. I cleared up plans so I could be free).

Last year, I attended my first ever NFL game (which I apparently failed to blog about) and I was excited to go back. Century Link is possibly the loudest stadium in the league and our team is pretty good this year.

It was chilly but not rainy, and we were sitting down in the lower bowl, much closer than my last experience.

While the game against the Rams was a little nerve wracking, the Hawks managed to pull out the victory, a great way to head into a first round playoff game against the Redskins (another team who has been playing very well).

Thanks to Amy for inviting me along!

What's your favorite sport to watch? What has been your best in-person fan experience?


  1. So jealous! I really want to go to an NFL game... it's on my list of wishful thinking for next year. ;)

    Although, my favorite in-person is probably basketball. I don't follow the NBA super close, but I LOVE going to games. Weird.

  2. i went to my first NFL game last fall!!

  3. So you probably shouldn't read my post today. Or at least skip over the part where I say I want the Redskins to demolish the Seahawks this week. ;)

    Favorite sport: football. Hands down. No question.

    I think my best in-person fan experience is when I went to my first hockey game. It went into overtime and it was all very thrilling!

  4. I was at this game, too! But your seats are much better than mine. :-) I love games at CenturyLink... so much fun!

  5. I guess I'm not that big of a fan when it comes to sports.. I do like rally though, I've attended 3 times already here in Finland..

  6. how fun! I love going to sporting events!

  7. I love going to baseball games... there's something about just being there and enjoying the game and the people. And the food, hehe.

  8. Best sports experience? College football for sure - can't beat those riotous college kids :)