Time to get ready for Christmas?!

Can you believe Christmas is just over 3 weeks away? This late Thanksgiving is throwing me off.

I'm hoping to send out Christmas cards this year. I meant to last year (even asked for addresses), but never got around to it. I blame the stress of finishing grad school, job hunting, etc.

But this year I definitely want to get them in the mail. Interested in getting a card? Fill in or update your info here.

The short time left before Christmas also has me thinking about presents (in no small part because of the never-ending ads). I've found presents for a few of my favorite people, but I am still on the hunt for a number of them.

I also want to put together a few gifts I'd love to open Christmas morning.

Christmas list: for the home

Christmas list: to wear

To be honest, I'm much more excited about the home goods than the clothes. Home ownership does that I guess. Plus, I've been lusting over copper mugs forever and now I have a little bar space.

What is on your wish list this year? And make sure to let me know if you want a card!


  1. ooh i would be happy with many of those too!

  2. Honestly the late Thanksgiving has me totally out of whack this year! I feel super stressed for time... I really need to do some shopping! My list this year definitely consists of home décor stuff. And gift certificates for maternity clothes, of course. :-)

  3. I'm posting part of the Xmas cards today!

  4. Gahhh, the Xmas cards I ordered are still not here and it's making me nervous... silly, right? It's only December 4th

  5. I'm totally into crock pots right now, I saw the ones that click together for a buffet style gathering, but I'm probably half a decade away from needing those. Commercials, they totally sell me on everything.

    Happy Holidays, hope they're filled with joy, and at least a few of these awesome goodies from your wish list.