Back from Vacay

I'm back home for the first time since Wednesday morning. It's been a wonderful week off from work and I think I'm mostly ready for Monday.

I got in plenty of fun, good food, family time and sleep over the past week. And I plan to catch you all up on some of my adventures.

But for tonight, I'm painting my nails, watching football, and enjoying my fireplace and eating a little apple crisp -- made from the box of apples I got on the way home.

What fun did you get into this weekend (or past week)?


  1. Love that collage - looks like you had a terrific vacation!!

    This weekend I hiked and watched football. Oh and I ate an entire bag of Reese's Cups.

  2. Looks like a fabulous vacation. Looking forward for lots more posts on the trip!!!
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  3. Your vacation sounds lovely. Honestly, I am a little jealous. Over the past week I went to Phoenix for a memorial service for my Aunt Betty and besides that I've been working hard on my business. Things are going great so far tho.

  4. Nails, football, fireplace and apple crisp? Well that sounds like a perfect evening to me!

    Sarah @ Life As Always