My new 'do

I lightened up my hairdo yesterday, by that I mean there's a lot less of it. The color is actually darker.

Here's the before:

On my day off Monday, I died my hair. It was multicolored before that. I had an ombre look going on -- partially because I liked it but also because I'm lazy (dying half my hair = time saving measure).

Since I was cutting it off, I decided freshening the color was a good idea.

Here's a low-quality bathroom selfie of the new color:
Hard to tell, I know, but trust when I say it's different. Darker, less red, all one color. This also gives you a really good feel for how long it was.

Finally yesterday I went in for my semi-annual "trim." Except this time I went for an actual cut.

I wanted my hair to feel healthier and I didn't want to use half a bottle of conditioner every week. (I kid. Kind of.)

Luckily my stylist was totally on board with my vague, "cut it about this much with layers and frame my face" description.

She made this happen:

So far, I'm really happy with it. Granted, I haven't washed it and styled it myself. Yet.

But I love the volume, lightness and the fact that I don't have the hair of many colors.

When was the last time you made a major style change?


  1. looks great! i used to cut my hair without abandon--never shorter than a chin length bob, but when i moved to atlanta, i decided to let it be long since i'm getting old!

  2. I really love it. It's beautiful!!

    To answer your question, it's been a long time since I did any kind of style change. I am thinking if shaving my head for Breast Cancer awareness on Sunday since there's an event going on in town promoting it as a symbol of unity.

  3. So pretty, I like!

    I'm a big fan of changing up my hair, although I'm trying to grow it long right now for the wedding.

  4. Eeeee, gorgeous!!! Love the length and color, and it looks so healthy and shiny! LOVE.

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  5. So pretty!! She did a great job with the face frame too!

    My last change was in June, I added highlights and had the stylist give it some shape since the layers were somewhat grown out. The one before that was a major change, June of the year before, where I chopped off 12 inches to donate. I'm growing it out now so I can do that again- it was so much easier to style when it was shorter!

  6. CUTE! I really need to do something about MY hair color. Have that ombre thing going on too, except not for the good. But your hair looks so healthy and the cut fits you perfectly. :)

  7. I really like it! Colour, shape and everything!

  8. It looks great! The colour and the cut and you! fab.

  9. I love the new colour.
    It looks great on you!