Special Saturday

My uncle got married today.

It made for a pretty sweet day.

The ceremony was beautiful, the weather gorgeous, and the reception a blast.

Ok, all of that is true, except the weather was a little ridiculous. 110 (rumor has it) and pretty humid as well. Not exactly the weather they ordered.

But it was a fun time none the less. My sister and I sang at the reception, we all danced our little hearts out, and got some good family time in.

Then, five of the cousins piled into my uncle's five-speed jetta, and I navigated to the cinema to watch the Dark Knight.

All I have to say is...believe the hype and check it out. Definitely worth spending some money on.

Now I am exhausted and my head doesn't feel great, so I'm off to bed.

Places to go and people to see tomorrow.

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