"The Question"

Do you remember when you were about to graduate from high school and the only question anyone seemed to have was where you were going to school?

And then having to answer you weren't sure but you might go to the local community college. Oh wait, that was me.

The thing was I had options. I was accepted to all seven schools I applied to, from the state school to the competitive private college. This really just made the decision harder.

Then I had the chance to keep playing basketball. Which was something I didn't turn down. Some looked down at me for going to community college, said I was wasting my abilities, but I think it's one of the best choices I've made.

Can you tell there's still a little bitterness?!

I do have a point here. Really.

It just seems like there are these crossroads we come to in life. Finishing high school, college, whatever. And people suddenly see only one option in our future, that life should only be headed in one direction.

What school are you attending? What is next in terms of a job?

And mostly I feel like I don't have the answers right now. At least not when I am supposed to.

It happened at the end of high school, and it's happening now as I finish up my internship at the Organization of People in Spandex.

What I'd really like to do...travel. Anywhere and everywhere.

But as someone recently asked, "with what money?"

Another plan involves living with my parents at least until I'm 25 and can no longer be on their insurance - that's my fall back plan.

The real plan...I'm not sure. Find some sort of employment that I might enjoy somewhere in the country and/or world.

That's all I got. For now. Just in case you wanted to know. Now you don't need to ask.

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