I came to realization recently that I may very well be one of hundreds or thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of Americans that are uninsured.

Meaning I no longer have health insurance.

I vaguely remember last June/July when I was trying to think ahead to my last doctor, dentist and eye doctor visits.

Which means those visits I made when I was home at the end of May were it for me.

It's a status that just a couple years ago seemed unimaginable. You see, I have been blessed in my life. I really have never wanted for anything.

But now I find myself graduated from college, without permanent employment and uninsured.

So I have decided to make an effort to be as safe as possible. No longer will I speed, skip my vitamins or not floss. Who knows the next time I will have professional help.

In fact, I may very well take to wearing protective gear at all times.

My new motto: safety first.

Or at least until I have insurance again, then all bets are off.

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