Have you ever wondered how exactly airlines and their fares really work? It's a question that haunts me all the time. Here's an example of why.

My roommate and I decided we want to visit the Windy City. Neither of us have been and there and it sounds like a good time.

We looked up flights about a week ago and they were pretty reasonable. It looked as if I would even be able to fly from the Springs non-stop.

Then we waited for her to clear it with her boss, this trip being right before she goes on a business trip.


When we got back online to book my trip, flights had suddenly jumped in price. Just two days later. And when I say jumped, I mean that I could drive for less - not that I have the time for that.

Now the cheapest way to get there is to fly out of Denver with at least one layover. Sounds like a blast, right?

Maybe one day soon that non-stop, affordable flight will reappear. I'm not betting on it.

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