So I don't have anything good today...no stories, thoughts or anything that's really all that remarkable. So instead I am going to share a random assortment of items, bullet-style to be more efficient. Take them as you will.
  • Recently I have enjoyed a menagerie of family visits. I spent the weekend in Boston with many, had the chance to see my aunts and cousins for dinner last night, and now the tall one - another cousin - is visiting for a weekend. I'm pretty psyched.
  • The exodus has begun to China. The two other people in my department, my boss and big C, left early this morning to make the trek across the ocean. That means I'm the primary communications contact here in the states for the next month. I just hope I have the answers. Many teams and other staff members have also headed over.
  • The departure of all these people means that the Olympics are quickly approaching. I am freaking excited!!! While I will be working, and there's the fourteen hour time difference to deal with, NBC is offering more live coverage online than any previous Olympics. Meaning I should still be able to catch a lot of it.
  • Sadly, two of my people of the week - a short-lived tradition in my blog - have passed away. Randy Pausch, who gave the Last Lecture, lost his fight with cancer and died last week. Nick, a friend of a friend, who suffered from ALS also died recently.
  • Things may be looking up in terms of flights to Chicago. I'll keep you all posted. Now I just have to remember to ask for August 15 off.
  • Last, but definitely not least, happy birthday to my dad (and mom tomorrow)!!! I plan on doing something a little better to commemorate these days, but I just don't have the brain power today. Keep your eyes peeled.
That's really all I got for now. Sorry it's so lame. Feel free to ignore this post and wait for something better. I would.

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