This past weekend we had nine people sleeping in two hotel rooms.

Do the math and you get more people than beds. One room had to have a trundle bed, or whatever you want to call it.

Being younger and more spry than our parental counterparts, the children got lucky.

I volunteered to sleep on it. I fully take blame for that fact.

The other reality was the only place the bed would fit was between the far bed and the window, right in front of the A/C unit.

With the temp ranging from the high 80s all the way into the 100s while we were there and five people staying in the room, we had no choice but to have the A/C running.

But, I swear, it was defective.

There were only two settings: freezing cold and lukewarm. And the room smelled stale.

Needless to say I was a little on the cold side sleeping there.

To make matters worse the hotel had sent all the spare blankets to get washed. All of them.

And the bed was rather unstable with a few metals bars right across the middle. Too much movement and it felt like it was going to fold up or collapse. Too little movement and my back ached.

It was quite the predicament.

But I fell on the grenade for the team.

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  1. Now you tell me! If we'd known, ou could have used our bedspread. It spent every night on the floor in a heap. That's what you get for not communicating. It was good to see you, even through the heavy lenses of many relatives.