Happy Hunting

I have done a lot of church hunting in the months I have been in the land of the Rockies. Well, maybe not a lot, but my fair share.

I am living in what be one of the most conservative areas in the nation. This means there is actually a church on almost every corner. Seriously.

K-dog (my roommate) and I look for possible options as we drive around running errands.

The churches I have visited represent quite the spectrum, in a variety areas: length, worship style, demographics, size. I've seen quite a lot.

For example, today I sang such classics as This Little Light of Mine, That Old Time Religion, Shall We Gather at the River, and much more.

The thing is...I've enjoyed the variety. That's not to say I've enjoyed every minute of every service. But it's interesting to see how diverse people are, how much churches vary.

That said, I have no idea where I'll end if I stay here. I have many more corners to try out.

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