The Roommates' Excellent Adventure

On Friday, the tall one, the old one and I packed up as much as we could fit in a Honda Accord and ventured into the great northern nothingness. This trip was to visit the tall one's boyfriend, and none of us were quite sure what we were getting into.

Out in the middle of nowhere took on a new meaning. I mean...the nearest Walmart was almost an hour away. The weekend involved awkwardness, laughter, and some relaxation. Most of the stories we have will seem much less amusing to you all, so instead I will impart some of the wisdom I came across this weekend:
  • Graduating from college makes you 24 years old
  • People can be related through blood, whiskey or pepsi
  • A bar in the middle of nowhere can still have really good food
  • A bear rug can serve as an excellent matress (thankfully I learned this one by observation and not experience)
  • Supercenter Walmarts are always busy...it doesn't matter where they are located
  • 30 mph is the appropriate speed in snow no matter the condition of the roadways
  • Snow falling and wind blowing combine to make the road hard to see
  • It is possible to wash dishes from three meals in the bathroom sink
  • The trap under the sink must be full of water otherwise you will die from gas fumes (luckily I am still alive to report this one)
  • There is no such thing as sunshine, only dark and darker
Wal I'll tell you wat...it was a humdinger of a weekend.

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