I am leaving school behind tomorrow. While I have been mostly finished with classes for the better part of a couple weeks, tomorrow the end is for real.

More real than graduation, than the last quiz, than the final paper. I don't have my degree yet, but the university life is over. Instead next semester I will paying to work an internship somewhere in the great state of the Rockies.

I am not scared for what's ahead...mostly. But I am not to excited for not having this life anymore. It's not a big deal, but I like what I have.

And it isn't even about change. I know, I knew, change was coming. The new is not so bad. In fact, I am excited for the new. But leaving the old behind and not having it anymore kind of sucks.

And so...here is what I will miss...what can't be replaced:
-Laughing at the ridiculousness of me and my roomies
-Thursday night dinners
-Riding horses and moving cattle
-Singing at church
-Having family...really close by
-Eating to my heart's content in the press box
-Playing in parks
-Ricos, Rancho
-the Rec
-and so much more

While there are a few things that I won't miss (the electricity bill in the winter), I will miss this life. I am excited for what ahead though. I promise!

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