I feel obligated to post another blog. Especially since I took the entire weekend off. However, I don't have much to say and tomorrow has turned into today. Wednesday seemed to sneak up on me this week. So I apologize for the lateness and the possible confusion my random writing may cause tonight/this morning.

It is interesting to me that you can spend only a short time with someone, and maybe not even enjoy them that much, and still seem to talk about that person a lot afterwards. An example of this situation would probably be helpful at this point.

This weekend the tall one, the old one, and I met a boyman during our adventure. Boyman was somewhat creepy, and consistently inappropriate. Let's just say for the first time in a while I truly felt the chance to get some, as it were.

However, our encounter with Boyman has provided endless fodder for jokes, and almost every conversation we have somehow comes back to him. And we didn't even enjoy our time with him.


At least we can laugh about it.

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