My family has made the seven-hour trek across the state for graduation. (In case you didn't read the last blog, I am done with school and graduating in 15 hours.) Not only did my parents and brother come, but my grandpa was also part of the voyage.

Anyways, family always makes for some interesting stories, at least mine does, so I thought I'd impart a few stories to anyone who might be dropping by my blog.

The first story is from this very night. It was decided no one wanted to cook dinner, and we agreed that thai food would be an acceptable option. After narrowing our choices down to about seven dishes, my dad placed a call to the restaurant.

He realized before he placed the call that he needed a name for the order. Because this was an asian establishment, he decided to use the name Duong. So the very caucasian man caused both employees he interacted with to do a double take. It was pretty funny.

The second story occurred while I was home for thanksgiving break. My father and I were at the cell phone kiosk because it was my turn to upgrade. Dad was quizzing the man helping us on what the best option would be. At one point he asked what if I was one half of a conjoined twins, what would be the best option then. It was pretty ridiculous and funny, and luckily the man helping us thought so too.

Basically, my dad is good for a laugh and stories to share for years to come. At least I laugh.

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