I have never considered myself to be spoiled.

I have watched episodes of 'My Super Sweet Sixteen' or those ridiculous wedding shows where couples spend over $100,000 on flowers. And that's not my life. Some of those people spend more on their dresses than I will on my entire wedding, whenever that occurs.

But I also have realized that I am fairly spoiled. Just not in quite the same sense.

While I have school loans and a car loan, my parents also try to meet as many of my needs and wants that they can.

Example 1:
A few days before Christmas my mother mentioned they still didn't have a big gift for me. I threw out a few ideas, but didn't really have anything specific in mind.

Then Christmas came around and big gift turned out to be a brand new stereo system in my car that works with my iPod and my cellphone. Crazy! It didn't come cheap either.

So now I have a nice car, with a nice system. So I guess I am kinda spoiled.

I apologize. Sorta.

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