I was reminded today that I really like watching college basketball. A lot.

It's better in person, but watching it on television isn't half bad either. Hopefully the cable television at my internship includes all the sports channels. And my roommate also enjoys sports.

It's strange to think in three weeks I will be sharing a room with some stranger, and a little scary. What if we have nothing in common?

I will spend five months in a small space of awkwardness.

'Well I'll tell you wut...I'm just gunna pray to God 'bout it and trust he will take care of the sitiation.' (for more enjoyment, read with a country twang)

I try to not focus so much on the scary side of moving by myself 1500 miles away. More alone than I've ever been. *Sniff*

Ok. Not really.

Mostly I am excited to see what's in store and have a ton of fun. And yes...I'll take a little cheese with my whine. :)

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