It's been a while.

Do you ever get those epiphanies? Suddenly some aspect of life is so clear, and you have so much to say about it. Well, I have been waiting for one of those moments, 'cuz they make for a good blog. But NOTHING has come to me.

So here's what you get instead.

Monday, I ventured to the land of our friendly northern neighbors. Meaning Canada, Vancouver specifically. To be even more specific, Granville Island. Apparently I explained that a little backwards.

Overall it was a successful trip. I ate some delicious food (although it was a little pricey), I bought my mother a Christmas present, and I managed to piss off a number of people with my horrible driving.

Now I know why we say 'those crazy Canadian drivers' down here in the States.

Honestly I have nothing against Canadians. I know a lot of nice ones.

It's definitely easy to drive poorly if you are slightly turned around. I managed to run a few red lights, barely miss a couple pedestrians, and cut a few cars off. Successful driving in a foreign city if you ask me.

But I got my teapot across the border. Although the old one (please refer to previous blogs about my roommates) and I were slightly confused that it would confiscated because it had the word 'pot' in its name. *Phew* I am glad that worked out.

So that was the trip 'cross the border.

And I just noticed that I include three items in every sentence I am listing something. Weird. I also say things three times when I play volleyball. Whatever.

'You don't even know.'

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