Hasta la vista

I am leaving tomorrow morning from B'ham and am not sure when I will return. Which is weird to me.

Going off to school was totally different because I know the semester would eventually end. This is a little different.

I could sit here and talk about the joys of trying to pack everything into my car, saying goodbye to friends and this gorgeous town, and the scariness of new beginnings.

Instead I want to talk about beauty. I am a big fan.

Not the 'wow, she's gorgeous. what make up does she use?' or 'i don't mind looking at him all day' kind of beauty. But the sunsets so beautiful you wish you could paint, white world covered in snow and cleansed of its dirtiness, perfect day for flying a kite kind of beauty.

Our society on what, to me, is the wrong kind of beauty. We (I) lose our perspective. Everything is measured by pant size, bust line, body fat percentage. Beauty is categorized, boxed in this narrow definition.

So here's to taking a moment to look at real beauty, and not worrying so much about that fake stuff.

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