bull riding

the following must be read with a country twang for the most enjoyment
(as heard on extreme bull riding)

"a pulled groin muscle is a serious injury."
"he won the Looone Staaar high school championship."
"we got a good raising...that's what we call it at home."
"it's never a good deal when you're a bull rider and spur is up by your right ear."
"no win-o tonight."
"he keeps his butt in the right spot."
"winning is between your ears...it isn't in your pants."
"which girl is the prettiest...it just depends on who's lookin"
"he 'bout got drove to denny's."
"you talk 'bout getting your business horned on."
"he coulda worked on that get off."
"2300 lbs...that is a load."
"he just got wrung out like a dirty shirt."

so many good reasons to watch bull riding. those are really just a few.

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