An Unfortunate Incident

I was busy making cookies this morning, when my phone rang.  Well, it actually vibrated.  I can probably count the number of times I've heard my phone ring on one hand.

Anyways, cookies and phone ringing.  The number wasn't one I knew, so I ignored the call figuring if it was important, the person would leave a message.  This is pretty much always my strategy.

I ignored a call from the same number again.  I picked up on the third call, figuring this person might have something important to say.  It was a man yelling incoherently and quite adamant that he DID NOT have the wrong number.  I tried to clarify, but he hung up me.

Then he called back two more times, leaving increasingly profane and impossible to understand voice mail messages.  Unfortunately he seemed to enunciate the swearwords, so I caught most of those.

Apparently my bleeping boyfriend is a bleep and he wasn't bleeping having it anymore.  That's paraphrased and I'm pretty sure there were actually more swearwords than that.  Seriously.

He oddly didn't use any names (that I could decipher) and I couldn't help but think at one point that it might be a twisted joke.

I didn't know, before today, that I had a boyfriend and am rather disappointed that the only thing I appear to be getting out the relationship are slightly scary phone calls.

I should also mention that this nameless angry man might have been intoxicated.  It's hard to tell, though, since I had no sober comparison.

Mr. Angry Pants hasn't called back since early afternoon, which only leads me to assume that he either found my boyfriend (who hopefully taught him a lesson) or passed out from his binge.

Either way, I hope to never hear from him again.


  1. Awesome: Realizing that you have a boyfriend WHILE baking cookies!
    Awkward: Finding out about said boyfriend through drunken profrane voicemails from mean old men. ):

    Happy valentines Day!!!
    haha (:

  2. this is hilarious to me, hopefully your boyfriend explains, haha :) ;) (if you ever meet him)