Awkward and Awesome: I think I'll just go back to bed.

I should have a lot of energy today, for reasons below, but I just don't.  This week has taken it out of me and it's not done yet (which is actually unusual).  You should all feel terrible that I have to work on Friday.  Cue the violin.

My life is not that bad.  I know this.  But every once in a while I just need to have a moment.  And that is what this is, a moment.  I promise.  On to the Awkward and Awesome!

- My recent struggle to properly send out edited transcripts.  Today I sent out one that didn't open, one that was unedited, and completely forgot to send one on Tuesday.  Gold star for me.
- Me using my self camera to take outfit pictures.  I don't have a tripod or a remote, because I'm lazy, so it's always a bit of a crapshoot.  And I get bored with myself reallllly easily.
- The weird headache I had last night.  (Is this going to be a weekly feature?)  I'm a bit of a headache connoisseur and yesterday's stumped me.  Maybe it was dehydration or a workout hangover as I told my sister.  Is that even possible?
- Me and Michaels, the crafts store.  I don't have a clue what I'm doing in there and ended up walking down every single aisle.  And I have to go back to return something.  Great.
- Giving my coworker a ride every Monday and Wednesday, but only because it causes me to stress unnecessarily about what music to play.
- The 5 mile run I'm supposed to go on with a friend this weekend.  If you don't hear from me after Sunday morning, just assume I didn't survive.  I don't think I have ever run 5 miles at once.

- Falling asleep at 9:30pm last night and waking up 8:30am.  Score one for 11 hours of sleep.  Totally kicked my headache in the butt.
- The amazing dinners we've been having this week, multiple nights in a row even.  Crab cakes and asparagus risotto, chicken sausage and gnocchi in a red sauce with garlic green beans, chicken curry and brown rice.  Our stomachs are loving life.
- Cuddling under the covers with the puppy this morning.  Sure, I want to change the sheets now, but it was nice then.
- Last weekend.  Yummy good, cousin spa day, visits with friends.  The end.
- A phone date with a good friend this coming weekend (assuming I live through my run).
- College basketball season.  It's the most wonderful time of the year.
- The fact that the sun has shone for 3 straight days.  That's amazing.  I don't even mind that I had to scrape my car.

Well, it's just after 9pm and I'm ready to go back to bed.  Just call me Granny.


  1. As I told mom, you all need to stop talking about/telling me about the amazing dinners you eat. It's just plain mean.

  2. Your list of awkward always makes me laugh! I always worry about the music when someone else is in the car too because I usually listen to NPR, but I never notice it when I'm riding with someone else.

  3. hi granny!! michael's frightens me. I think it's all the fake flowers.

  4. As said as I am that football is over, you do have a point- college basketball season is in full swing! Weeee!

    Have a great weekend!