Awkward and Awesome Strikes Again

I'm low on energy and time tonight, so my intro won't be quite as witty as usual.  I hope you all survive it.  I'm headed across the state tomorrow, which means 6 hours of driving for me.  For now, picture me running around like a chicken with its head cut off as you get a little glimpse of my week.

- Wednesday morning. The story is too long to tell here, but the moral of the story is not to leave my cell phone at home.  A student took a cab when they were late to class.
- The cocktail of drugs I took to deal with my headache today.  That sounds worse than it is.  I'm not a druggie, but migraines sometimes call for serious actions.
- Having to walk into a small classroom late and then dropping your cell loudly onto a table.
- Some of the faces I make when the camera is pointed at me.  I just can't seem to help myself.
- My ability to always be a little frantic when I'm going out of town.  How is it that so many things collide to pack my schedule at inopportune times.
- Scraping my windshield with my campus ID card.  It works okay, but my hand always freezes over.
- The smell that permeates clothing after a visit to a Mexican restaurant.  And febreeze totally just made it worse.
- Still being in regular clothes after 11pm at night.  That should be outlawed unless you're out having a good time.  Otherwise we should be in sweats.  (Raise your hand if your mind was somewhere else before I mentioned sweats.)
- How long my list of awkward is compared to my list of awesome.  I hope to do some work on that.

- A girl's weekend!  Spa time, cousin time, fancy clothes and restaurants.  Basically everything amazing.
- Getting my hair done.  It just always makes me feel a little fancier.  Plus I love having it straightened by someone else.
- The fact that I am limited in the clothes I have to pack, especially considering I haven't actually started yet.  It's going to make my life tonight a lot easier.
- Pulled pork pizza.  You'll have to trust me on this.
- Not being under layers of ice and snow like most of the rest of the country.
- Celebrating my grandpa's birthday.  (And birthday cake!)
- Friday!
- Hopefully, Superbowl commercials.

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  1. I also found out the same "fried" smell sticks with you after going to a hibachi bar. Two showers to get the smell out of your hair...

    And pulled pork is fantastic. Always.

  2. you had me at spa day. I desperately need one!!