Last Saturday

Our very last guest left today (bye, Uncle D!).  He took the shuttle down to the airport on a cold, windy, and snowy winter night.  Needless to say it wasn't a fun ride.

This weekend, however, was gorgeous and sunny (if a little cold).  This was especially a good thing in terms of family relations.  Getting out and being active probably kept us from killing one another.  "Some" of us (you know who you are) don't do well just sitting around for hours.

Plus, if we went out and did something we could sneak a few more sweets.  This was especially important since we had enough sugar-based baked goods to keep a kindergarten class high for days.

Three kinds of cake on Sunday for our after dinner dessert.  That doesn't count the chocolate, cookies and other various treats that were laying around.

Needless to say, our family makes food a priority.  That's why one of the first things my SoCal aunt asked about was the weekend's menu.

See, there I go getting sidetracked by food.

My point was the gorgeous weather.  I only took pictures of our explorations of a state park.  I'm kind of bummed I missed the sunset on the boardwalk across the bay.  Can't win them all.

I'm a little on the tired side, so I just want to give you a mostly unedited glimpse of our adventure.  Happy Wednesday/Thursday.

If it weren't for the big jackets, you could almost imagine it summer.

(Fingers crossed we get a snow day or a late start tomorrow.)


  1. I'm always one to make food a priority, too.

    I'm going to happy hour with Mon tonight. My first questions was, "are we eating there, too???" Sad.

  2. these water pics make me jealllous!!! it looks so pretty!