4, 5, and 6 of 30

Here are my outfits from the weekend.  All with clean underwear!  And this gets me 20% of the way done.  That's kind of close. 

Friday, February 4: A comfy look for the cross-state drive 

Old Navy scarf, Nordstrom dress, Gap long sleeve t-shirt, ?? leggings, Steve Madden boots

 Can you tell how much trouble I was having with the exposure on these last two.  One was way dark, the other was blown out.  Oh, the joys of using the camera self timer.

Saturday, February 5: A fancy lunch out after time at the spa.
Gap rose shirt, Old Navy cardigan, Express skirt, Spanx tights, Steve Madden boots

Sunday, February 6: Driving home and watching the Superbowl.

 Gap long sleeve t-shirt and jeans, ??? mock turtleneck, Urban Outfitters necklace, Kohl's booties

So far I've used 16 of my 30 items.  The Steve Madden boots are an early favorite with 3 appearances.  Unsurprising.

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  1. i want boots like that!! very good outfits girl!

  2. I LOVE those booties from Kohl's in your superbowl outfit. Amazing.
    Your blue trimmed skirt is adorable.

    And I too HATE dealing with the self timer and FINALLY getting a facial expression I like but the picture is totally blown out! Grrrr.