Ten on Tuesday All Over Again

Join in and answer this week's questions from Roots and Rings.

1. What's your favorite kind of donut?
I like chocolate/maple bar split donuts.  I can get my two favorite flavors in one delicious flavor vehicle.  I also like apple fritters.  To be honest though, there aren't many donuts that I would turn down.

2. Do you use the snooze button?
That depends on the morning and how much time I've given myself to get ready.  I often end up hitting it a time or two.  Sometimes I'll just reset my alarm altogether.  This usually happens on mornings that I think I should shower.  Sleep always wins for me.

3. Do you write in cursive, print, or a combination of the two?
Definitely a combination.  Never cursive.  I swear that my writing never quite looks the same.  And it quickly falls to pieces if I'm trying to write quickly.  Let's get dropped out or smeared together.  Spaces become nonexistent or huge.  I just can't handle myself.

4. Tell us a joke.
I can't even explain how long I've been staring at this question.  I don't really know any jokes.  And it seemed rather cheap to google one.  I can't even think of a knock knock joke.

5. How many languages do you speak?
One, mostly.  I used to be fairly fluent in Spanish after studying it for over 5 years, but it's been too long now.  (In case you can't tell, English is my language.)

6. Why did you start blogging?
For the heck of it.  And because I was moving halfway across the family and thought writing one post was easier than millions of phone calls to keep everyone up-to-date in my life.  My blog has morphed a bit over the years.  I like to think I've gotten better at it, but nothing is really planned.  I'm an impulsive blogger.

7. Do you use bar soap or liquid body wash?
I use liquid body wash.  I don't like the way bar soap makes my skin feel.

8. Do you buy bottled water?
I try not to, but every once in a while I get desperate.  I need to do a better job of carrying my Sigg bottle with me everywhere.

9. What did you think of the Super Bowl Half Time Show?
Not my favorite.  The attempt to be more relevant after a few years of over-the-hill rock stars pretty much flopped.  If only there had been more Usher dancing and the army of dancers on the field had been choreographed by the Chinese.  Did you see the Beijing Opening Ceremonies?

10. How do you feel about Steve Carell leaving The Office?
I have a hard time imagining the show continuing on very long without him, but I'm excited to see what other projects he has planned.  The man is hilarious.

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  1. When people ask me for a joke on the spot, I seem to always pull out the one I learned when I was 10.

    What do you call cheese that's not yours? Nacho cheese!

    Get it?? Heard it a million times??