Awkward and Awesome: Episode 7

I was going to try and preface this with a little story, but I couldn't come up with anything that wasn't awkward or awesome (see below).  Happy almost Friday!!!

- All the hype about the snow "storm" that turned into nothing.  Everyone had their fingers crossed for a day off, but it wasn't to be.  However, 30 minutes south of us they got slammed.
- The freezing temperature of the computer lab I'm typing in.  I keep looking around for an open window.  Maybe I'll go change the thermostat myself as this can't be good for the computers.
- Switching between my Mac at home and PCs here at school.  I'm constantly using the wrong key strokes for different actions.
- Trying to dress for this cold weather with a limited wardrobe.  I have on two pairs of tights, socks, and boots.  My feet are still freezing. 
- Having trouble using my clutch this morning, an essential skill for a manual transmission, because of the snow stuck to the bottom of my boot.
- Only having two of my three letters of recommendations get done for my grad app.  The school is still looking over my material, but it's freaking me out.
- My realization that caffeinated beverages appear to be giving me headaches.  I love coffee and tea, but I may have to switch to decaf. :(
- Trying to pull a computer roller bag through snow.  It's like a miniature snow plow.

- Getting to hang out with Uncle D for yesterday.  We drove all over the county, quite literally, and got to catch up on life.  He was just here for a few days from Boston as part of our impromptu family reunion. 
- Previously mentioned Uncle D surprising the family when he showed up on our doorstep (thanks Tacoma Crains!) Sunday morning.  He literally bought his ticket a day before he flew out.
- Apples to Apples with large groups of family.  This could probably fall into the awkward category as well, thanks to someone's (you know who you are) dirty mind.  But I enjoy the extra laughter.
- I mentioned this yesterday, but we got to eat some pretty delicious food over the weekend (and leftover throughout this week), which is always an awesome in my book.
- Using a broom to clean off my car this morning.  Quick to use and it kept me dry!
- Working in play rehearsals.  It's totally worth having all the songs in my head and working late into the evening to get to watch an awesome show for free!

Well, I'm off to find a warm drink to warm my hands with.  Hope you're warmer than I am.


  1. Let me get this straight: you're freezing your toes off, but the computer lab you're typing in is tropical. Do I have that right? Talk about awkward. If only the heat could migrate to your feet.

  2. i feel like i have something to say about everything here but i think it's funny that you cleaned your car off with a broom! when the windows were icy on my car i would warm up water in the microwave and throw it on it and voila!