30 for 30 Continues

I'm behind on outfit pictures again.  I don't know how style bloggers do it.  Take the pictures, edit them, and write posts.  High five for you all!

I do have more outfits to share with you though.

Don't mind the quality of the pictures.  I know most are not great.  The weather here has been crazy, it's winter so days are still short, and my work schedule has been completely sporadic.

Also continue to ignore my awkward poses.  Or don't and laugh along with me.

To see a round-up of all my outfits so far, visit this page.  You can also navigate there from the top bar on my blog.

Let's get to pesky #11.  It was a sneaky outfit that I finally managed to capture.

Also, I've given up on dates because things are so hopelessly confused.  The numbers are the actual order I wore things in, however.

#11 of 30
Sweater: Old Navy; top: cannot remember; dress: Nordstrom; belt: Gap; leggings: Target (I think); boots: Steve Madden

Try to ignore how similar this next outfit is and keep in mind they were worn 8 days apart.

#19 of 30
 T-shirt: Target; sweater: Old Navy; dress: Nordstrom; tights: Hue; boots: Steve Madden; necklace: ???

#20 of 30:
 T-shirt: Target; button-up: Old Navy; jeans: Gap; shoes: Converse; watch: Fossil
 I'm pretty much in love with this outfit.  Also, my new hair dryer is amazing!

#21 of 30:
 Jeans and t-shirt: Gap; sweater: Old Navy; scarf: Nordstrom (I think); shoes: converse; flaming hair: out of a bottle

That's all for now folks.  This post is much too long anyways.  I have actually successfully worn 28 of 30 outfits, so I already feel victorious.  I just have to catch up the rest of you.

Thanks for sticking with me. :)


  1. My favorite is number 11. I love how you paired the bright color with the gray cardigan. And I'm in love with those boots!!!!


  2. #21 is my favorite so far. The color of sweater is beautiful with your hair!