Today was Saturday

I'm feeling pretty handy. And productive.

My good friend, Cece, has had an old window sitting in her hallway for months. Maybe even years. It was to adorn her walls.

The problem: how to affix it. The thing is quite massive. Over 3'x 5'. We borrowed a level and drill from my father, and picked up drywall screws, a studfinder, and a tape measure from Lowe's.

Minutes (or a while) later the window was up on the wall looking as if it belonged there. And we did it ourselves. Aren't we handy?!

A celebration of hard cider and chocolate peanut butter (whoever came up with the combination originally should be knighted) ice cream ensued.

I also made a delicious soup and homemade bread earlier in the day for a wonderful rainy day feast.

And cuddled with the puppy. A lot. In fact, she's sleeping besides me right now.

And my cousin got engaged, wine and chocolate covered strawberries (and my sister hiding behind the hill) included. Congrats!

It was a pretty fantastic Saturday.

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