Things that I think are AWESOME:

(Warning: sarcasm included)

1. Spiders the size of my fist located mere inches from my foot. I avoided making eye contact with the creature so it couldn't sense my fear, but I also have no idea if it was poisonous because I didn't look closely. Good thing my dad took care of it...unfortunately he only put it outside.

2. Parking tickets...for parking a 1/3 of the way onto the sidewalk. Here's the kicker: the street had no curb, making it hard to distinguish between street and sidewalk while parking.

3. Walking a couple miles in heels after not wearing them for a long time. This one I take complete credit for. You would not believe how thankful my feet were to have enough of a break to run home today.

4. Driving to the other side of the state...again. I am excited to see my sister's play and visit with her some, but all this travel isn't as fun now that I am working. I have to stop complaining about this whole work thing though. It's only three days a week, and I just got done complaining about not having a job. Yes, I will take some cheese with that whine. Thank you.

5. Clean sheets. This one would be completely lacking in sarcasm, except for the fact that I keep putting changing my sheets off. It's hard to enjoy clean sheets when they are sitting at the end of your bed. My bad.

I could come up with some more to share with you. I'm sure of it. But as one of the girls on ANTM said, "I don't have to spew rainbows all the time."


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  1. I sometimes start to think that I should worship all major religions, just in case there is a hell. Because no doubt my hell would involve a sea of giant spiders that wanted to sodomize me for eternity. *shudder*