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As we all know, or as I hope you all know, now is not a good time to be selling a piece of real estate. Or even a car for that matter. Although you wouldn't believe the trouble my brother has had buying one.

Anyways, my point is you don't want to sell you house right now.

Something that's even harder than selling a house right now...selling a condo you didn't even know you owned.

Confused? Probably. Let me explain.

Friday afternoon as my father and I made our way across the state I got a message on my phone.

Realtor Larry was calling to tell me they had scheduled a showing for my condo Monday morning.

However, it was a crazy weekend and I spaced on calling him back. I got a second message this morning while I was working. They were postponing the showing due to the weather.

(Did I mentioned it snowed here today? I don't live in a snowy place, and am a little confused.)

Now, right now, you're probably thinking this sounds all quite normal, except for the snow that is. I mean, any realtor worth his/her salt would be this communicative.

But here's the kicker.

I don't own a condo. At least, not one that I am aware of.

If I did own a condo a) I would not be living with my parents, b) I would have sold it much sooner since I only recently became gainfully employed and would be living with my parents anyways, and c) I would actually have room for all my crap. (Have I mentioned my room is piled with boxes AND I have a storage unit over 350 miles away.)

I left Realtor Larry a message this morning and haven't heard back yet. Apparently you become much less of a priority when they realize there is no commission involved. (i.e. you don't own property.) Weird.

I do have to wonder what my place looks like. And how much I'm trying to sell it for. I guess I may never know.

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