A place called Costco

Costco is one of those stores that I always buy more than I plan on.

It doesn't matter if I'm hungry or not, which can always affect grocery shopping. It's just that the so much good stuff, that you might not even realize is good until Costco points it out for you.

So what, you have Tupperware coming out your ears at home. At Costco you can buy a 50 gazillion piece set specially designed to fit all shapes and sizes of leftovers. A slice of cake, a Popsicle, a gallon of pasta. You name it, there's a container for it.

Why continue to make your own pesto, or buy the speciality kinds in the tiny grocery store containers when you can have a pint that will go bad before you use it all. Unless you top everything you eat with a little pesto, that is.

And I'm pretty sure my life can't go on unless I have that 12 piece, gourmet coffee set. Oh crap, now I have to buy a coffee maker. Luckily, Costco has those as well.

The list of items and departments goes on and on: electronics, home goods, wine, clothes, books, CDs...I think you get it.

At Christmas I could successfully shop for every single person on my list without a problem. Granted, my cousin probably didn't want 15 kinds of cocoa, but more is better. At least that's what the TV adds tell me.

I can't visit the place without purchasing something. Even if it's just a soda to sustain me through arduous journey through the warehouse.

Costco, I salute you for sucking me in time and time again.

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