Lumps and Bumps

***Warning: blog contains somewhat graphic pictures, avert eyes if easily nauseous.***

A few weeks ago I noticed a bump on my right thigh. Just a bump, slightly below the surface and slightly sensitive to the touch.

I decided it was worth a visit to the doctor. This led to a visit with the ultrasound tech.

The good news, the lump is an old hematoma (a.k.a. bruise).

The bad news, there are actually a handful of lumps and bumps in that thigh. Looking at the ultrasound was like a battlefield (if said battlefield were black and white and grainy).

These lumps will go away (supposedly) on their own, but if I want I can help the cause with heat. Which I might do eventually.

Now, you may be wondering how a person could obtain so many lumps from old hematomas.

The answer:
How does one obtain such lovely bruises?

It's easy really. Get a horse to kick you in the thigh.

It works every time.

Excuse me while I go find a heating pad for my thigh.

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