Sports Parents

Over the years I have observed that most parents that have kids in sport fall into one of six categories. Working a girls wrestling tournament this weekend only reinforced that. Some of these categories can occur in someone simultaneously.

1. The pusher - this parent has their kid doing every camp, team, and clinic possible. The child might not even like the sport or care, but have no choice in the matter.

2. The yeller - everyone in the gym knows this parent, and who their child is. They can be positive and negative, but either way they are just plain loud.
2a. The cheerleader - always positive in their yelling, using phrases such as "unlucky" or "nice try sweetie."
2b. The downer - only yells about what is going wrong, which could include reffing, coaching, or the child them self.

3. The strategist - as soon as the game or match ends, this parent is ready to sit down to discuss in depth what just happened and what needs to change.

4. Preoccupied parent - usually accompanied by a phone/PDA, a small child, a book even, or some combination of the two. This parent doesn't usually have a clue what is going on and tends to be running late quite a bit.

5. Soccer mom/dad - ensures at least half the team makes to the game, also supplies drinks, snacks, and first aid material.

6. The politician - constantly talking about what is wrong or right with the situation. This parent will bring up poor coaching decisions to anyone that will listen and is constantly acting as a advocate for his/her son/daughter. He/she is not above making phone calls or petitioning to get what they want.

This list could go on for quite a while, but this covers just a few of the major sporting parents that exist out there.

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