Tonight I strolled down a gravel road, drink in hand, headed to a bonfire and felt like I had come back.

The evening was country, but I wasn't really raised country. Growing up I lived on a acre on a gravel road, but I wasn't country.

Then I went to school. In a place surrounded by fields of wheat and herds of cattle. During my time here I filled drill bits, moved cattle, and flagged combines on top of work, school and play.

So it was nice to sit on a log and have my butt covered in pitch while farmers talked shop and rehashed stories from the past.

It was nice to roast hot dogs (well, I didn't), marshmallows, and banana boats over the fire.

I also plan on riding a horse and if I'm lucky I might even get to see a newborn foal.

Things have changed here though...some. There's wireless internet which was never a reality before, but I still don't have cell service.

Some things change and some don't.

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