Boy Scout

I set out today for town feeling very prepared for whatever might come my way.

I was in the Subaru, loaded down with a little bit of everything, most of which wasn't even mine.

With the stuff packed into the car I could camp, play some guitar, watch a movie, or even decorate a room. Whether it's hot or cold outside, I could handle it.

Little did I know that not everything I came across today could be dealt with by the things in the car.

I played some terrible tennis, was bored out of my mind, and got a parking ticket. The ticket really got me down. Luckily the boredom was solved with the purchase of a $1 book, thank you Bookie Too, and I was able to laugh my way through tennis even as I was getting rained on.

The only thing I ended up using out of the car was a sweatshirt. Oh, and a pillow. When I was reading my book/taking a nap.

I guess it was a good thing the car was stuffed after all.

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