The name of the game is Stress

I am not normally an individual that stresses out easily.

Then I have moments when I freak out. This morning was one of those.

After returning to my room from a breakfast I didn't eat I began packing and organizing my stuff. I am headed home next Saturday and need to move some stuff to the apartment and take some stuff with me.

Feeling overwhelmed, I managed to throw some old papers out and grab some hanging clothes, really accomplishing nothing.

Then I thought I lost my keys. A friend came in needing a ride to her car. I couldn't find the right car keys. The ones that had a key to the apartment. The apartment I had to be at in half an hour to meet Mr. Comcast.

Feeling rushed I grabbed the spares and ran her downtown. On the way back Mr. Comcast called saying he would be there in 10 minutes, 30 minutes before his scheduled arrival. He agreed to come back later (but he was supposed to be here by noon, and hasn't arrived still).

Then when I finally left the dorms to head to the apartment I left the necessary paperwork and had to turn around.

I ended up getting to the apartment at 10:20. Mr. Comcast was coming anytime between 10 a.m.-12 p.m., so I supposed he might have been by already. I sure hope not.

The good news of the morning, I successfully put our TV table together with a partially stripped screwdriver, so that's pretty exciting.

So ends one in the driest, dullest blogs from recent history. Enjoy!

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